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How to open a claim

To open a claim

Please fill out the claim form on our website. You will need photographs of the package, the bill of sale, the delivery note and an estimate for the repair or replacement of the item.

Very important

Make sure you haven’t shipped any prohibited items.

Make sure that the packaging follows the specifications and that it is suitable for the type of shipment.

Make sure to reflect on the delivery note that the package is damaged.

Make sure to take photos of the packaging and the damaged item.

Have the purchase invoice at hand and send it to us.

What happens if I don’t have an invoice ?

To make a claim for a breakage or damage to an object, it is necessary to justify the amount of the item. If you have not insured the shipment and if the claim is successful, the companies will bear the costs established by the Transport Law.

There are times that we do not have the invoice, for example when we send personal effects. In that case we can fill out a sworn declaration of value so that it is accepted by the insurance company. In addition, you must present evidence such as a link to a web page where a product like the one you have sent is sold with its sale value.

You can also provide any contract where you can see the fiscal data of the parties and/or the sales – conversations carried out by telematic means.


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