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Do you want to send a package to a national or international destination but you don’t know which company to do it with? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. If it’s any consolation, we too were going crazy trying to choose between the various parcel companies and their convoluted offers. There are so many options that in the end you have to choose between spending a lot of time looking for the best offer or contracting shipping with the same transport agency as always and losing money.

Fortunately, you can now make your shipments with Ship Quik easily, quickly, and without leaving home. All this while saving an average of between 25% and 70% on the original cost. With our cheap shipping search engine, you can compare the shipping prices of the leading parcel companies with one click.

Ship Quik: your parcel shipping service

Are you tired of the high prices and the complicated processes of the different transport agencies? Ship Quik offers you national and international parcel shipping services that are fast, reliable and inexpensive. With us, you can send a package with the main parcel companies with just a few mouse clicks and save between 25% and 70% on shipping costs.

Through Ship Quik, you can ship any type of product or item as long as it is not included in the list of prohibited merchandise. You can send anything from a mobile phone case to a shopping cart, a Spanish dictionary to a bicycle. 

Make a cheap shipment with Ship Quik

Save on your parcel shipments with Ship Quik. Make shipments easily and without leaving home with our low cost shipping comparator. Enter the shipping details (package size, weight, location, postal code, etc.), select the transport company that best suits you and wait for a courier to come to your home to pick up the package.

Save on your shipments express with Ship Quik

Your urgent parcel shipments are also cheaper with Ship Quik. Contract the services of the main national and international express parcel companies with us. We ship with Correos Express, CTT Express, UPS, SEUR and DHL Express, among others.

Save on your shipments with Ship Quik

Whether you are a private individual or if you have an e-commerce store with cash on delivery, with Ship Quik, you can send your cash on delivery packages with the best transport agencies. In addition, you can enjoy significant financial savings and centralized management of all your shipments.

Increase the sales of your online store with Ship Quik’s cash on delivery services!

Save with Ship Quik on your certified shipments

At Ship Quik, we also offer you the possibility of making certified shipments to both national and international destinations. Our certified deliveries are fully guaranteed. In addition, you can track shipments in real time through our website.

Your shipments with Ship Quik and the best parcel companies

Our cheap shipping search engine allows you to compare and make shipments with the best parcel companies. With Ship Quik, in addition to saving, you can also enjoy the best service available because we work with the top national and international transport agencies.

Ship Quik allows you to choose between the following transport companies:

Shipment tracking

At Ship Quik, you have the necessary tools to control and track all your shipments through a single webpage. In this way, you can centrally manage the shipments and invoices of the different parcel companies.  

In addition, we have an excellent customer service available from 7:00 to 24:00 hours 365 days a year through chat and email. 

Start saving on your shipments with our cheap shipping search engine! At Ship Quik, we offer you a fast, comfortable, cheap and quality service. 

If you have any questions about the services we offer, you can contact our customer service through our email or chat, or consult our frequently asked questions section. 


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