Installing the shipping manager module for PrestaShop

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You can go to the PrestaShop download page or download the module installation file from the button below

Minimum version 1.7.7

Key Ship-Quik Generator - PrestaShop

You are going to register your ecommerce with the email:

This is your Key Ship-Quik - PrestaShop

Email registration:
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Registration Key:

Installation and commissioning

Once the ZIP is downloaded, you have to upload it and add it to your PrestaShop modules:
Look in the modules, in the Transport and logistics section, for the so-called Ship-Quik-Shipping and activate it. Once activated, click on the configure button.


Make sure you are registered on our page so you can obtain the activation key you will need to activate the module. The first time we enter it will ask us to activate the license and to do so, you will have to enter your email address with which you will previously register on our website Once the email address has been entered, copy the password from our website, paste it in Private Key and click on the Activate button
The first basic configuration will appear, where we will ask you for the minimum data we need to be able to offer you the service, these are: 1.- Select which shipping providers you want to work with: You can choose one or more than one.
2.- The “Price selection” option allows you to calculate shipping costs, these can be:
  • Cheaper shipping.
  • Faster shipping.
  • That your client can choose between the two previous ones in their purchasing process.
You must also specify the text of the PrestaShop “Transit Time” field.

Other configuration options

Free shipping You can use this option when you do not want shipping costs to be seen and free shipping to appear. For example, when you calculate the shipping cost on the product. Our costs will be charged to you anyway. If you want to set a fixed transportation price between cart amount ranges. For example, you can define an amount from €1 to €50 and another amount from €51 to €70. Free Shipping from, this option allows you to offer free shipping from a subtotal of the customer’s cart without having a range. For example, from €60, free shipping. Our costs will be charged to you anyway. Store Commission This option allows you to add a commission to our shipping costs that will be added to the cost of shipping to your customers. You can choose between a fixed price or a percentage of our cost. Store comments, if you want to leave a comment on a shipment, to take it into account, enter it here.
3.- The data from where you will make the shipments (your sender data)
4.- The last step will be to define the measurements of the packages you work with. If an item does not have packaging measurements, we will assign the package that you have defined as “default” On the other hand, it will allow you to group orders in the packaging that you define. We explain this point later.
In this section we also add the list of products from your PrestaShop that we have detected that do not have packaging data, so that you can take action in this regard. You can access the product packaging information by clicking on the product name or the “View” option. Attention: in this section it is very important that you fill in the data realistically to avoid possible subsequent overcharges on shipments with incorrectly declared weights or measurements. Remember that carriers put all packages through a scanner to be weighed and measured.
In order for us to finish the configuration and you can make your shipments with us, your customers’ phones must be a mandatory field in the PrestaShop configuration. To make sure, go to the CUSTOMERS section of PrestaShop, enter ADDRESSES, “SET THE REQUIRED FIELDS FOR THIS SECTION”, enter and mark the PHONE field as Mandatory.

How the Ship-Quik shipping manager module works in your PrestaShop

Once the shipping management module is configured, go to the CARRIERS section to give priority to our shipping options, which are:
Ship-Quik Fastest Shipping Ship-Quik Cheapest Shipping If you have other carriers, our module does not deactivate them. If you want, use only our carriers, deactivate the rest of the carriers you have or change their position to a less priority one. Depending on the parameters chosen at the beginning (faster, cheaper or both), the end customer will see the following in the cart
If you have parameterized more than one carrier and the cheapest one, the user will be able to see the cheapest shipping provider automatically. If you have parameterized only one carrier, we will only show that carrier. If, on the other hand, you have selected “That your customer can choose between the two above in their purchasing process,” your customer will see the following in their shopping cart.
He will be able to select which option is most suitable for him. Once the order is completed, all other options are made in the PrestaShop order management.

Order management with Ship-Quik

Una vez el cliente ha realizado una compra, creamos un pedido en tu gestor de pedidos donde verás los pedidos actuales.
Orders are created without issuing the label. You will see new columns called “Ship-Quik”, in these columns there will be all the information regarding your shipments with us, where you will find, for example, “pending” in red for orders pending payment. Other columns are “Date/Time Collected”, “Cost” or “Action”. The Collection Date/Time column allows you to select what day and time slot you want the collection to be. If the date and time slot are not available, due to a holiday for example, we will provide you with the closest day and time slot. The Action column includes different actions that you can perform on an order depending on its status. The green box icon allows you to access our repackaging tool. This tool allows you to group, if you want, different items from an order into a single package. To do this, use the list of packages that you have defined in the module configuration.


On the left side you will find the information about your order with the details of the products and their quantity, the current shipping cost of your order considering one product and one package.
On the right side you have a package selector. Choose one and click the “+” icon, an empty package with the specified dimensions and weights will be added. Drag the product(s) into the package. If, for example, there are 7 items in one of the order lines, by dragging you can decide what quantity you want to include in the package. If you choose 3, there will be 4 left to pack. Add another box and drag the remaining items. Once you finish specifying the repackaging, you can recalculate the shipping cost using the “Recalculate” button. This way you will know the new cost and your extra savings. Once you are clear about the calculation, save the order using the “Save” button and it will be saved with the recalculation made.
NOTE: Every time you enter the repackaging window you start a new one, the previous information from the previous packaging is not saved.
Once you have specified the Date/Time and/or repackaging information, you can proceed to manage the payment of your order. Depending on the payment terms you have with us (by default, payment by credit card) you must follow the following steps to obtain the shipping labels.
Select the orders you want to pay and under Grouped Actions select “Pay Ship-Quik Orders”. A secure payment modal window will open through Stripe like the one in the image on the right. In it you will be asked for your information to pay for the selected orders. Once completed correctly, its status will change to “Paid” in green. At that time the packaging will be blocked.
When you click on the green truck icon in the Actions column, the order will be placed with us, if everything is correct, the icon of a green printer that allows you to view your labels.
To print labels, click on the printer. When the modal opens, right click and print. The printers you have installed will appear to print the label. The order will remain in “Printed” status, and the icon will change to “Reprint label” in red, so you know that it has already been printed previously.
“End of month” payment method selected option If your payment terms with Ship-Quik are at the end of the month, you must follow the following steps to obtain shipping labels:
“Note: Send us an email with your request to [email protected]. You will have to sign the SEPA document and when authorized, you will be able to pay at the end of the month. Once the request is authorized, you will be able to manage the orders without having to pay for each one of them.”
First select the orders you want to request labels and in the Grouped Actions, select “Place Ship-Quik Orders” or click on the “Request Label” button for a specific order
In the event that there is a breakdown in communication with the provider, an error message like the one below will appear. In that case, you can try to order the label in a few minutes. If you cannot obtain them, please contact us [email protected]
Orders will be marked as pending payment in red. At the end of the month, so that you can know which orders have been paid, you can use the Group Action “Check Ship-Quik Payments”, this process will mark as “Paid” the selected orders that we verify are paid.
We have reached the end of this tutorial, we hope you found it concise but adequate so that you can install and configure our shipping manager module. If you have any questions or suggestions, send them to us by email [email protected]
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